Is it possible to run profitable Ads campaigns without CRO

16 Jul, 2024

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Know how superheroes fly? Wings? Nitrous oxide propeller? Give in? 

Well, we don’t know either. But what we know for sure is that in 2022, your Google Ads campaigns will fuel with Conversion Rate Optimization. 

Call it a superpower if you want. Today, we’ll unveil this not-so-secret-anymore essential asset, that no company should go past to run profitable Google Ads campaigns. 

You may spend a lot on your paid advertising. But are you sure it’s the right strategy? At Better&Stronger, we think that you shouldn’t focus your attention only on campaigns’ structuration and keyword research (not saying that it’s unessential!). Thanks to CRO, you get an overview of your campaigns’ performance by monitoring your customers’ behavior along their buyer journey. 

Wanna know how to proceed? How it impacts your profitability? Keep reading!

Conversion Rate Optimization or how to create profitable Google Ads campaigns


What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization, also known as CRO, is the practice of increasing conversions on a website or an app. 

How? By improving the user experience you offer to your website visitors

Implementing a Conversion Rate Optimization strategy will really help you cover all the potential page optimization your website may need to best answer your users’ needs. 

Conversion Rate Optimization entails deep diving into your website analytics, listening to your users’ thanks to user testing, A/B testing all your ideas to improve your website, and an efficient copywriting strategy.

How does it impact your Google Ads
campaigns profitability?

You can’t hope for a miracle. If you don’t optimize your website performance, your Google Ads campaigns profitability will never skyrocket. Here’s why: 

88% of online shoppers won’t go back on your website after having a bad user experience, meaning that your visitors were disappointed at some point in its buyer journey and you lost their interest.

Imagine that your Ads campaign was super effective and brought 1,000 visitors to your website, in one single hour! Sounds exciting, right?

The problem is that you never ran a thorough CRO analysis on your website. Your pages navigation isn’t very fluid, the CTAs are pretty hidden, and the loading time exceeds 5 seconds because of heavy pictures or videos that you love so much… (If you want to know more about it, read our previous article about the Core Web Vitals you should check to optimize the performance of your website).

If you’re in this situation, chances are 88% of visitors will never return to your website. A bad result for an Ads campaign that was yet promising. But, let’s see through the looking glass. By improving the UX of your pages, you can raise your KPIs up to 83% in conversion lift. That’s why you shouldn’t wait any longer to start improving your customers’ buying journey. 

Concretely, it means that you should better allocate your efforts while running Ads campaigns, on the implementation, and the monitoring of your customer journey on your website. We don’t think you need to invest more to get better results. You should just spend a bit less on campaigns structuration and more on CRO. 
For instance, by investing 20,000€ in advertising, your ROAS could be 500%. But with the same budget and a better resource allocation, you could expect a 1000% with a 2% conversion rate. 

Conversion Rate Optimization:
A 2-in-1 strategy to boost
your Ads profitability

Make the most of your
Google Ads campaigns

Conversion Rate Optimization has a very positive impact on the profitability of your Google Ads campaigns. But, above all, it’s an essential strategy to boost your campaign conversions and skyrocket your overall profitability since it directly affects the volume of your website visitors coming from all sources of traffic. 

Investing in CRO is your best chance to increase the profitability of your paid campaigns. Don’t get us wrong. You can absolutely run Ads campaigns without CRO, but you won’t exploit their full potential. On average, every $1 spent in UX optimization brings $100 in return! Don’t let that pass you by.

Let’s see why…

When launching a Google Ads campaign, you spend time creating the ads, but most of the time, you lack time to design a compelling landing page. Yet they are vital! That’s when CRO comes into play: wanna know which CTAs work best? Where are your visitors in their buyer journeys? What storytelling to adopt? If so, you should start developing your Conversion strategy.

Don’t go past huge business opportunities

If you give Conversion Rate Optimization a miss, you will lose interesting business opportunities. In other words, your Ads campaigns won’t deliver results to their full potential and will generate weak conversion rates, since visitors are not convinced by the experience on your website.

In the short term, you will lose time and money running Ads campaigns that don’t convert… And in the long-term, it’s even worse. There’s a good chance your bounce rate will rise and your conversions will drop to the point it will downrank your website. The good news is, we don’t need to wait for that to happen to start doing CRO.

At Better & Stronger, we think that “Marketing that doesn’t convert is money spent for nothing”. We offer a CRO support to our clients to help them boost their website conversions. Wanna discover our Conversion offer? Take a look (it can’t hurt).

Give CRO free reign;  make the most of your Ads campaigns

You can definitely launch and run Google Ads campaigns without spending time on your website Conversion Rate Optimization. But you can’t leverage their full potential. 

Let’s sum it up. Without a CRO strategy:

  • You risk losing time and money: your ads won’t convert as much as they could
  • Your bounce rate will rise and website downrank

But now you know how to avoid that! Want to know how we can help you convert more thanks to CRO? Read our expert’s interview. You have questions? You don’t know where to start? We got you! Come, talk with our experts! 

By Emma Jeanpierre

03 Mar, 2022