Think Better

Sep 28.2021

5 good reasons to use influencer marketing strategy to increase conversions

Want to boost conversion on Instagram? Want more followers? You don’t understand why your campaigns don't convert as much as you want? Why you lose that...

Sep 27.2021

Better & Stronger helps you convert more thanks to CRO

Virginie Dreyfus, our CRO expert, reveals why Better & Stronger CRO offers are essential to improve their clients’ conversion rates.    

Today, we’re here...

Sep 23.2021

How to get better business insights with a data warehouse?

Why should you care about all that data? Why shouldn’t you let it rot deep in your shelf? Well, because you made 90% of the effort collecting and storing...

Sep 22.2021

Native ads vs display ads: what’s the difference?

Ads, ads, ads. They are everywhere: on TV, on your cell phone, in the streets. You can’t have slipped through the net. If you often surf on the web, you may...

Sep 17.2021

Instagram Reels vs TikTok: what’s best?

In 2020, Instagram launched Reels, a format of short videos that are often mistaken with TikTok’s format of videos. Similar on several points, those two...

Sep 15.2021

How to choose your bid strategy on Facebook Ads?

You use Facebook for your business and wonder how you can use Facebook Ads? 

The following figures should help you understand the scope of this social media...

Sep 14.2021

Why is BigQuery essential today?

If you read our blog post on data lakes, some questions may have popped up in your mind. To refresh this topic:  a data lake is not your next dream...

Sep 10.2021

Branding vs storytelling: what is the difference?

You get branding and storytelling mixed up? Branding is an essential part of your communication strategy, and you most certainly use this term a lot.  Do...

Sep 8.2021

How to open a Google Ads account in 5 steps?

Google Ads. They talk about nothing else... and for good reason!

Google Ads is a robust platform that allows you to directly reach your prospects through...

Sep 7.2021

Did you say data lakes?

This morning you almost dropped your cup of coffee, learning that your data scientist was not talking about her holidays but massive databases.

Yes, sad...