Twitch: the perfect platform to reach and interact with an involved audience?

25 Feb, 2024

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You don’t play GTA, League of Legends, or Fortnite? You don’t own a PS5, a XBOX One, or a Nintendo Switch? You’re more than 12 yo? 

But you’ve been growing your brand on traditional social media platforms without observing an impressive impact on your visibility and engagement rate

Well, your place is definitely on Twitch

No offense to gamers, but Twitch is not their exclusive playground anymore.  

Twitch is “where brands and community intersect”; which means that Twitch is an essential channel of communication that allows brands to engage with potential audiences. You don’t know how your brand can gain visibility? How to target the youth directly? 

Today, to create an efficient Social Media strategy, you can’t go past videos and lives. On average, viewers retain 95% of a video message, while they retain 10% of a text message. 


Source: Wondershare

Interesting, right? To discover more about how to use Twitch to interact with your audience, keep reading.

Get to know twitch

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform launched in 2011. This platform was originally created for gamers to share their games with an audience and chat with their followers. But the platform isn’t a nerd niche anymore. 

The platform counts 30 million average daily visitors and more than 2 billion monthly live hours consumed in 2021. 

This is what the Porsche Twitch stream looked like. In 2019, Porsche decided to first show the advertising clip of its new car on Twitch. Why? To be more visible, and get the youth to talk about their new car launch. A positive impact on their brand visibility? Yes, more than 28,000 unique viewers on their stream. 



You get it right? Twitch helps brands build relationships and communities around shared passions. It's very simple: streamers share their screens and broadcast a video or activity. They can engage with their audience directly and give some Q&A sessions. 

Here are the 3 main reasons why your brands should be on Twitch

  1. The audience on Twitch keeps going and reaches 40 million of monthly active viewers. Wanna target a young audience? 73% of Twitch users are under 34. You better not miss that expansive audience. 
  2. Thanks to live and stream on Twitch, you can engage with an audience that may despise marketing. It’s an authentic and more transparent form of communication.
  3. The platform has a good conversion rate potential. 80% of Twitch users approve of company sponsorships. 64% of them even purchase products recommended on Twitch. Interesting, isn’t it?  

How to make a name for your brand on it?

Now that you understand how Twitch works, you may be interested in knowing why it’s a good platform for a brand’s marketing strategy. On Twitch, you can arouse interaction with your viewers. We’ll detail later the average engagement and conversion rates.
To make a name for your brand, be steady, share consistent content often, and don’t forget to make teasers about your stream to make sure that your audience is well aware of your “video live event”.  

Your customers want transparency and authenticity? You want to get more visibility and engagement? Let’s see why Twitch is the best option! 

Why is Twitch essential to engage with your audience?

Twitch is a premium live video platform that allows you both to stream and advertise. Wanna learn more about advertising options on Twitch? Discover Twitch advertising solutions

The best place to grow your community

Your customers don’t want impersonal and indirect interactions with your brand. They want to create a direct and authentic relationship with your brand. There are 2 ways, brands could use Twitch: 

  • Directly on their brand channel like Redbull does well! 
  • By way of streamers, that will talk about your brand or promote your content. For the brands that don’t have the resources to build their own brand channel, it’s a good way to become well-known

On Twitch, the engagement rate is computed by dividing the total engagement by total followers (multiplied by 100). On the platform, some streamers have an engagement rate of 100%! The fact that you can chat directly with streamers and get their answer the second that follows really invites people to engage with the host. That’s in part why you can have this high interaction rate on the platform.

Let’s see why the engagement rate is that high by looking at this heat map:


source: Lumen/ Kantar research on UK market

As you can see, viewers are highly focused during a stream, which is the reason why conversions are that high on the platform.

How to use Twitch?

First, you need to understand your audience. Twitch has a young user base. Thus, it’s essential to adapt your storytelling. 

You should also remember that Twitch isn’t, originally, an advertising platform. You create compelling content, you have to make it entertaining

Here are the opportunities offered by Twitch: 

  • Entertain your audience 
  • Open chat with them
  • Create a talk show
  • Broadcast a fashion show

That’s only a glimpse! To sum it up: give exclusive content (that they can’t find elsewhere) to entertain your audience.

3 best practices to make a name for your brand on Twitch

  • Let influencers talk about your brand 

You don’t know the power of influencer marketing yet? We got you. Discover the 5 good reasons to use influencer marketing

We’ve seen it earlier: some streamers have a 100% engagement rate. All you should do is a partner with big streamers interested in your brand and let them be the spokesperson of your products/ services. 

  • Find a niche! 

You’re not well known on the platform? Well, that’s ok! You can create your own niche channel. How? By inviting your existing customers to join your Twitch channel. Thus, you’ll make sure that they are already interested in your brand, and are more likely to follow your streams.

  • Stay consistent 

With more than 70 000 channels on Twitch, you better stay consistent if you don’t want to lose your viewers. For that, we advise you to: create live planning to stream regularly, stay true to your brand identity manual to help your viewers recognize you, and ask questions to your audience to check if your audience fits their expectations. 

Don’t go past Twitch to engage with your audience in 2022

Twitch is not only for gamers anymore. It’s for everyone and especially for your brand! Why? It’s an essential springboard for your brand engagement and visibility

You shouldn’t go past Twitch as it allows you to create a direct and authentic relationship with your audience. It’s also an incredible visibility springboard for your brand. Don’t neglect it! 

We didn’t answer all your questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our storytelling team. They’ll be glad to help! 

By Emma Jeanpierre

18 Mar, 2022