5 good reasons to use influencer marketing strategy to increase conversions

21 Apr, 2024

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Want to boost conversion on Instagram? Want more followers? You don’t understand why your campaigns don't convert as much as you want? Why you lose that much time? 

Maybe you should try influencer marketing. But is it really effective? Why does it allow more conversions? Which influencer strategy is best for your social media campaigns? Or for your blog? So many questions that remain unanswered. But, not for long. Today, let’s get things straight. You may have heard of it, but here is a good start if you want to master the topic.

In September 2020, in the footsteps of Michael Jordan, the U.S rapper Travis Scott with 41.5 million followers on his Instagram account, signed a partnership with the fast-food giant McDonald’s. In concrete terms, McDonald’s released the Travis Scott menu, available for one month and a merchandising campaign with the rapper composed of around a hundred items. 

                          Influencers-instagram.      instagram-influencer
According to Business Insider, the success of this campaign was beyond expectations. In the words of Forbes, Travis Scott received 20 million dollars. At the same time, McDonald’s suffered from an ingredient shortage for this menu, a significant increase of their shares and thousands of new followers on their social media.

The magic formula for this success story? A world-class influencer, numerous teasers on the social account of the rapper to keep the audience waiting and a quick promotional campaign. 

Disclaimer: we focused on the weight of influence marketing on social media but this practice is also very useful for blogs, newspapers and other communication channels.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing figures among your social media marketing strategies. Before the rise of social media influencers, defined as Internet celebrities, brands used to call on stars to promote their products. The increase of social media users made brands select these new types of icons to represent their identity. Influencers get their influence working to help brands gain visibility besides their own audience. 

But the world of influence is wide: whether you want Seth Godin to participate in your advertising campaign or a local artist to collaborate with your brand, your project’s budget will not be the same. Instagram is a busy spot for influencer marketing. A lot of companies use the platform to promote their influencers. But, bear in mind that micro-influencer does not equal small revenues. Everything is a matter of finding the best influencer to promote the most impactful campaign. 

Why use it?

Collaborating with influencers can rapidly become very expensive. You should not go into influencer marketing before setting up your budget scope and your ambition. However, there is nothing to be worried about. With the skyrocketing arrival of new influencers in the market, you should find what you are looking for. 

But why should influencer marketing relate to you? 

Reason #1 - Increase brand awareness

If you want to know the backdrop, according to Mediakix, in 2019, ⅔ of marketers questioned for the survey said they were ready to increase their spendings on influencer marketing. Why so? Influencer marketing is an undeniable source of brand awareness. The interest of such a marketing strategy is that you can :

  • Benefit from the influencer’s audience as he can sponsor and share your product directly on his account.
  • Have people come to your social media account when you share the content of their favorite influencer.

Reason #2 - Reach new audiences

Reaching new audiences is one of the most interesting promises influencer marketing can make. For instance, when you launch an advertising campaign on TV, you are never too sure of your target audience. Who watches this show? Should you advertise before, during or after the show? 

Well, because influencer marketing is launched directly to his audience, you are sure to reach at least his followers.  

Reason #3 - Generate sales

According to Mediakix, influencer marketing delivers an 11 x higher ROI than any other digital marketing strategy

Think about the example we mentioned earlier! If McDonald’s is not outdone, the 2020 collaboration had them attract many customers who came for this specific menu. The marketing campaign generated significant revenues for the rapper and a huge sales increase for the fast food. Influencer marketing often takes the shape of a win-win situation.

Reason #4 - Drastically increase conversion rates

If you connect to a new audience thanks to social media, you obtain a powerful source of information. With over a billion users (Statista), Instagram has become the place for influencers to be, a place to reach new followers. 

Think about all the opportunities for new connections you could build with this social media. Also, it is easy for customers to follow you, contact you or shop your products directly from your page account.

Reason #5 - It can take many forms

Influencer marketing can take many formats such as Instagram stories, sponsored posts, merchandising collaboration and many more. There is not only Instagram you can advertise on. You can think of other social networks like Twitch, Tiktok, and Snapchat. 

As a flexible marketing strategy, it can suit all your projects. If you want to know when to use Tiktok or Instagram Reels, you can try both or save time and read our article: Instagram Reels vs TikTok: what's best? 

How to build and measure effective
influencer marketing campaigns?

Determine your goals & your KPIs

The choice of the influencer and channel of advertising will depend on your marketing goals. You most certainly want to increase your brand awareness, but in terms of:

  • Trafic? 
  • Likes? 
  • Reach? 
  • Sales conversions? 

Once you have defined these objectives, think of what you want to track. Is it your: 

  • ROI?
  • ROAS? 

Who is the best influencer?

When selecting an influencer to embody your marketing strategy, think about the audience you want to reach: 

  • Do you want to target an audience that is aligned with yours
  • Do you wish to attract new customers?

Influencers’ services may be expensive. Most of the time, the more followers on their account, the more they charge. Make sure that it corresponds to your price range. It's up to you to see if micro-influencers can have a positive impact on your campaigns...

Finally, be careful. The influencer will personify your brand’s identity. You must stay true to your values.

Influencer marketing:
4 key takeaways

In 2021, influencer marketing is a must-have. To use it wisely, you should: 

  • Set clear KPIs to track your performance. 
  • Consider all the social media opportunities you have (but focus on Instagram).
  • Reach new audiences by choosing the best influencer. Be smart! Travis Scott may not fit your marketing campaign. 
  • Thanks to influencer marketing, you can raise brand awareness, generate sales and increase your conversion rates. Do not overthink it. There must be something influence marketing can do for you. 

Need some advice to build your influencer marketing strategy? Our dedicated team will be pleased to support your project!

By Emma Jeanpierre

17 Jan, 2022