Google Partners Academy on Air: Spotlight on Grow My Store

16 Jul, 2024

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On Tuesday the 15th of June, Google hosted a 100% free online conference, the "Google Partners Academy", to present its brand new Smart Campaigns and Grow My Store. 

International contributors, Google analysts in digital strategy and heads of marketing agencies, including Better & Stronger were invited. Did you miss the conference? 

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The aim of the conference: giving accurate feedback on the use of those tools.

Improve your digital window to the world.

A change in purchase behaviour:
a challenge for marketing agencies

At the beginning of the conference, Google set the scene. Global public health crisis truly modified our consumer habits, to the point where in 2020, e-commerce grew, the equivalent of 10 years of normal growth within only 3 months. While more and more consumers choose to buy online, 92% of them said that they surf the internet without any real intention of buying. 

It is in the interest of marketing agencies to understand why and to adapt their clients’ websites to make them even more attractive so visitors can convert into consumers. 

Smart campaigns and Grow My Store

How to include them in your marketing strategy?

Smart campaign

In keeping with Google Ads classic campaigns, the leader of paid advertising developed a new automated way of managing ad campaigns. By diffusing only the product and campaign whose conversion rate is the highest, smart campaigns promise to optimize your resources. 

Grow My Store

Grow my Store is a tool developed by Google, that allows businesses to evaluate the performance of their website. This tool measures user’s satisfaction regarding ease of purchase, personalization of their account and loading speed of the page. This video explains you how to use Grow My Store

Focus on Grow My Store

How to use it?

All you have to do is to enter your website URL on the platform and fill in two simple infos:

  • whether you sell online and/or offline
  • your business sector.

Google then scans your website. It analyses the user experience, the friendliness of your designs, the exactness by which your products are presented. You then receive a complete and detailed report of your website’s performance. Grow My Store compares the performance of your business to your competitors' and gives you the fields to enhance your website. 

In short: Grow My Store is a diagnosis platform that helps you enhance your website to optimize the UX and generate more clients for your online and offline stores.  

Better & Stronger x Grow My Store

Our CEO, Simon Néouze, presented Grow My Store during the Google Partners Academy on Air conference. We have been using this tool since its launch and it truly helped us auditing our clients’ websites. 

Dani Gibson, Account Strategist Google - Simon Néouze, CEO and founder of Better & Stronger

The use of Grow My Store in our clients’ diagnosis enhances the feedback we give them and how we can help them. This tool improves both the service we offer our client and our agency’s credibility and expertise: it is a win-win asset that we, marketing agencies, should all adopt. 


"I think that Grow My Store showed us that we were more than Google Ads experts. I think that this tool helped us be more aware of our client's needs; It is the first step to the realization of their strategic objective and our transition to be strategic partners."

Simon Néouze - Founder and CEO - Better & Stronger

Grow My Store x La Maison Convertible

To help you picture the benefits of our joint effort: between 2018 and 2020, we helped them increase their sales online by 110% and their sales offline by 15%. If you are interested in knowing more about our use of Grow My Store with La Maison Convertible, watch the following video. It clearly explains the benefits of this tool to design the most efficient customer journey.


You can also browse this article made by Think With Google to understand how to enhance your e-commerce experience with Grow My Store. You still have any questions about Grow My Store? Our dedicated team will be happy to help you.

By Emma Jeanpierre

20 Jul, 2021