How to combine your CRO and copywriting strategy?

16 Jul, 2024

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Another superficial marketing acronym? If that’s what you think, let’s make you change your mind. Simply put, CRO copywriting is copywriting that intends to boost your conversion rate. The definition seems quite obvious, doesn't it?  

This method helps you optimize your content to produce only high-converting copies and thus enhance your business opportunities. Is it not the dream of any copywriter? 

CRO copywriting is not as straightforward as it looks, but if you want to know how to combine copywriting and CRO, you have come to the right place. What makes it such an interesting form of writing copies? Why use copywriting and CRO to boost your conversions? What are the benefits of mixing both in your marketing campaigns? How can it help your business grow quicker? 

This article should help you understand what CRO copywriting stands for and how to implement it in your day-to-day writing strategy.


The acronym CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. It corresponds to the practice of enhancing the UX so that more users act the way you want (click, share, purchase, follow…)  on your website. 

The CRO process implies focusing your attention on understanding your users to provide them with the best user experience possible to have more customers convert.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting  is the concept that refers to writing persuasive promotional materials to have people do what you want them to. For instance, copywriting can intend to have people purchase your product, click on a link, join your newsletter… 

The advantages of mixing
CRO and copywriting

Now that you can picture both copywriting and CRO, it may be a bit too conceptual. Why is the blending of CRO and copywriting an efficient way to boost your conversion? Why is it the best strategy? Why should you adopt that technique? And how to do so? 

Why does conversion copywriting
differ from regular copywriting?

You may already employ copywriters or write copies yourself but have never thought of CRO copywriting. The step to make between both is never too hard to take.

To write converting copies, be concise and avoid distractions that would take your visitors away from the action. In this example, the brand sends a concise message to its website visitors. They chose impactful figures to highlight their claims:

Source : 

High-conversion copies are more impactful as they eliminate any type of distraction both in the content and delivery format. The core messages must be delivered in a crystal clear way. 

Also, CRO copywriting intends to convert more than regular copywriting as a special effort is put on CTAs to drive the audience actions.

How to combine CRO and copywriting?

Both CRO and copywriting have their own tricks. How to rule both at the same time? How to blend your CRO efforts in your copywriting strategy? There are some good practices you should know. 

1. Preparation

If CRO copywriting aims to make your ads convert more, you should always understand your audience before writing. You need to suit your visitors and have them buy from your product. To write an optimized copy: 

  • Understand your customers: what are their interests? What are their goals? Why would they choose your product? 
  • Clearly explain how you could provide them with a unique value proposition

2. Production

In practice, you may wonder how to rule CRO copywriting. In the writing process, there are some points you should focus on: 

  • Working on your headlines: as a reader, it is the first thing that has you click or not on an article. Write catchy messages that prevent users from choosing another ad before yours but stay still with the core topic of your article. 

  • Including figures that catch the eye and convert more than words. “Plenty”, “some”, “a lot” are never enough for indecisive users. 

  • Reassuring your readers. Testimonials should help indecisive users going a step further on their buyer journey. According to BigCommerce, in 2021, 92% of customers read online reviews before buying and 88% of them say that it influences their purchase decision. 

  • Adding appropriate CTA. If you intend to convert users into customers, guide them. What do you want them to do? Is it to buy? Click? Do other things? Use the verb that is the most proper to suit your intention. 

  •  Working with dynamic keywords. It allows you to personalize your ads based on your visitors' search terms. 

Because CRO doesn’t only apply to copies, here is how you could enhance your website’s content using CRO method (impactful message, precise CTAs, figures and testimonies):


3. Test, test and test again

At the time of publishing your copies or your ad, challenge your writing. There is nothing better than doing A/B testing to improve your style and the format of your writing. Test different CTAs, headlines and formats to see which converts more. 

CRO copywriting is more a marathon than a sprint. Improvement takes time. It is continuous work you should start. 

3 benefits of creating a powerful
conversion-oriented copy

The optimization of your copies will help you :

  • Better your results. When you optimize your content to suit your customers’ expectations, you stack all odds in your favor. 

  • Having better insight into your audience helps you write more effectively. While testing your CTAs, headers, writing format … you grasp users intentions and envies. Thanks to those tests, it is easier to write further copies that will be optimized each time. 

  • Drive actions. By eliminating distraction and going straight to the point with CTAs and verbs of action, you make sure that your audience knows what to do after reading your copy. Forget about “click here” or “subscribe” and start with the personalization of your CTAs. According to Hubspot, personalized calls to action convert 202% better than others. 

From regular copywriting to CRO copywriting, there is a significant step to make, but don’t panic. Little by little, the implementation of small changes such as: writing more impactful CTAs or working on your titles to make them efficient and attractive should help your copies convert more. 

Why won’t you jump in? If you want some backup, don’t hesitate to call upon our agency.

By Emma Jeanpierre

24 Jan, 2022