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18 Jun, 2024

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Virginie Dreyfus, our CRO expert, reveals why Better & Stronger CRO offers are essential to improve their clients’ conversion rates.    

Today, we’re here to talk about CRO, which stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. We’ll discover together the process hidden behind this strange acronym. In this interview, Virginie gave us her precious experience on CRO. She has developed CRO offers for her clients, with the special support of Dariane. But first, what is CRO? How to implement it? How do Better & Stronger help you boost your conversion rate thanks to CRO? Let’s discover it all together...

Before Better & Stronger, Virginie was in charge of marketing and customer experience at Amazon… That’s where she developed her interest in UX improvements. She joined Better & Stronger in May 2020 and is now in charge of some of our wonderful clients: Neuflize, Hotelissima, Kiloutou, Timberland... Virginie likes to test new recipes in her free time, climb up to new summits and do yoga (what a good way to end the day). Let’s go with her through the fundamentals of CRO and get to know more about her project implementation.


Better & Stronger - Virginie, we know that improving a website’ UX can be tricky. Is CRO really useful?

Virginie - “Let’s start small. CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization aims at improving the conversion rate of your website. Sounds obvious, right? But, let’s see what it means concretely. To be down-to-earth, when I think of CRO, I think of the following process:

  1. A client wants to diagnose his website’s flaws because it does not convert enough.
  2. We collect data (both quantitative and qualitative) on our client’s website, and we analyze them
  3. We identify the website flaws and start working on a list of hypotheses to improve them. 
  4. After listing enhancement hypotheses, we test them!  
  5. Then, we help our client make the necessary changes.

This is a never-ending process. We can analyze, test and improve ad infinitum. You can’t hold back progress! To give you a tip for data samples, don’t analyze statistical samples that are smaller than 1000 visits or conversions/month, as long as it’s not relevant and representative enough.”

B&S - Now we have a better understanding of what CRO is, could you explain to us what’s the real purpose of it?

Virginie - “You can do a lot of things thanks to CRO! It may be a full analysis before revamping your websites completely, A/B testing your hypothesis, conducting user testing, optimizing specific landing pages … In fact, CRO is every process that starts with information, quantitative or qualitative and leads to test your optimizations.”

B&S - So can you tell us why should businesses care about CRO?

Virginie - “A better conversion rate on your website will logically go with an increase of your revenue from all traffic sources. For example, let’s take the example of paid traffic. By increasing your conversion rate on your site, you will increase your paid revenue without any additional ad spend.

CRO’s objectives aim at implementing processes that make more people convert to your platforms. To stay practical, did you know that reducing the load time by 0,1 seconds will increase the conversion rate by 8% on average (Google / Deloitte - Milliseconds Make Million)?

B&S - Ok, can you describe Better & Stronger CRO offers? Why did you choose to implement them?

Virginie - “With Dariane, we were aware that CRO was such an interesting business opportunity, so we wanted to create offers that could suit all of our clients’ needs. That’s why we developed two types of offers at Better & Stronger:

  • The “one-shot” projects
  • The “long-run” projects

If CRO is more a long term endeavour, it happens that clients ask for one-off help. Just note that the “long-run” process is more profound. For instance, if a company asks for global website analysis, we start by analyzing pages one by one. Then, we prioritize the pages that deserve to be enhanced first.

Then, we pick a specific page and make hypotheses on the potential changes that could improve its conversion rate. We test those hypotheses one at a time. Once we’ve figured out which elements need to be replaced or redesigned, we collaborate with web developers to upgrade their pages. We do the same for all the other pages. 

But you might wonder why we used to say that CRO is a continuous process. It's because customers' needs and expectations are constantly evolving. So when we are finished with analyzing all the key pages on a website and changes have been implemented, we start over to identify new opportunities. We can always make new hypotheses and increase our client’s conversion rates: that’s what makes CRO so interesting. Improvement never ends!”

B&S - What’s the added value for your clients?

Virginie - “In a nutshell, our offers will drive more revenue from your website. If you implement an ongoing CRO  strategy, your business will constantly grow, and the investment you are putting on all traffic levers will drive you more margin.

It might be tricky to implement CRO processes by yourself since it requires numerous expertises and in fact, if some platforms can help you audit the performance of your websites, it’s never as complete,  deep as when CRO experts do it. 

The added value of our offers is straightforward: we give tailored made analysis and recommendations for your business with a clear action plan. For example, besides the data analysis of your website, we analyze your competitors’ websites to list all the best practices of your industry sector. We also create wireframes to illustrate the changes propositions that we encourage you to make. At Better & Stronger, we are genuinely passionate about CRO, for us, every tenth of a percentage earned on your conversion rate counts. We’d love to take a look at your website and help you climb the conversion mountain !”

Discover some of Google data analytics tools that Virginie uses to monitor her clients’ websites.

B&S -Can you describe some of the projects you’ve been working on?

Virginie - “We’ve launched our first CRO project at the beginning of 2021, and since then, the opportunities have just started multiplying. If I could pick one example to illustrate my words: I’d talk about Neuflize. We examined all the pages of their website (both desktop and mobile, of course) to give them detailed feedback on their pages’ performance.

Then we started to make hypotheses on ways to improve their conversion rate. We’ve designed wireframes to help them identify clear propositions of how we could better their pages. Now, the next step is to work hand in hand with our client to make the necessary changes. We plan to track the performance of all changes to size their impact.” 

B&S - Thank you, Virginie! It seems that CRO is going to become an essential process for website enhancement. We would be glad to hear more about Neuflize’s results. We won’t hesitate to invite you back!

If CRO seemed to be a tricky topic, we bet it’s crystal clear now. It’s a continuous process that goes from analyzing a website to making the necessary changes to increase the site’s conversion rate. If you want to know more about our CRO offers, don’t hesitate to call Virginie or Dariane. By the way, Dariane will be our next consultant that will share her exclusive insights on a specific topic in the next interview... Stay tuned!

By Emma Jeanpierre

27 Sep, 2021