How to beat the Pinterest algorithm?

21 Apr, 2024

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Why do you think that your Pinterest feed is full of itchy Christmas sweaters? (We don’t judge you; ours is full of striped Christmas socks). You think that the algorithm got it wrong? Stop lying to yourself; the algorithm is only displaying the content that most fits your interest. 

Start liking and saving pins that ain’t itchy Christmas sweaters, and your feed will suddenly become much more enjoyable. 

Pinterest algorithm reflects what Pinners (Pinterest users) are more likely to be interested in according to various factors. If you wish to rock your marketing strategy on the platform, you may want to know how it ranks the content relevance. In this article, we’ll also give you some tips to beat the algorithm.

Understanding how the
Pinterest algorithm works

First launched in 2009, Pinterest has known some important changes over the decade. This platform is the place-to-be for BTB companies that wish to expand their visibility. Discover why Pinterest is an essential channel you should consider for your business.

This platform helps you guide your viewers from the first stage of their buyer’s journey (awareness) until their purchase decision-making stage. But how to get your bearings in the middle of 200 billion pins and more than 400 million monthly users?

The algorithm does almost everything. As in many other network and social media platforms on which the content is provided through a “feed”, an algorithm ranks the content to ensure that the viewer will see first, what is the most likely to interest him. Understanding how Pinterest organizes the content will help you make the most of your marketing efforts on the platform. Want to know how it’s ranked?

4 main factors affect the algorithm

Let’s study them one by one.

1. Domain quality 

If you’re familiar with Google ads, it won’t be difficult for you to understand it. Just as a search engine, Pinterest firstly ranks domains by their quality. To build authority on Pinterest: 

  • Claim your website to get your account verified (the blue tick indicates that this account is verified).
  • Make your Pinterest account a business one! 
  • Pin qualitative and fresh content on your Pinterest account to make your display relevant content only.

2. Pin quality

The quality of your pins also matters! If many Pinners save, comment, click, share or even duplicate your pins, the algorithm will consider them qualitative.

Value quality over quantity: don’t pin that much! An excessive cadence will lead to a drop of your pin quality. 5 times a day can be enough (yes, it’s not the same cadence as for Facebook or Instagram). 

Our tip: a “fresh” pin is a piece of content that hasn’t been seen already. It will get a boost from the platform during the first hours after the launch. But be careful: you can’t reload the same image and change its title. To avoid this pitfall, consider changing the angle of your picture or the design of your illustration. 

3. Pinner quality

Interactions matter: that’s why Pinner quality is only taken into account on the algorithm’s ranking. Factors that are considered by the algorithm and may affect your quality as a Pinner are: 

  • Your pinning consistency: your account should be active 
  • Your content popularity: the more viewers on your profile, the more likely the algorithm will consider you a good Pinner!
  • Your engagement rates

4. Topic relevance

How to make your content relevant? How to stay up to date? Pinterest has designed a particular page called the Pinterest Trend, which should help you follow the trends regarding the type of content, hashtags or topics that people like the most. 

5 tricks to beat the Pinterest algorithm

#1 Optimize your keyword strategy 

Just as on Google, your keyword strategy will be your best asset to beat the algorithm. Ad relevant keywords not only on your pins but on your board description, profile description, blog content... Ensure that the algorithm understands clearly what type of content and relevance you are sharing across its platform.

pinterest-algorithmUse between 3 and 5 hashtags in a description, no more. 

#2 Try video pins and story pins

Using Pinterest latest features is essential to stage on page and make the algorithm run in your favor. 


#3 Build your account authority 

To stand out among Pinterest's vast community of users, you should make your account business-friendly. Add your website link in your profile description, get certified, partner up for better results, swish to a business account if possible. 

#4 Be active on the platform

Make sure that your pins are as fresh as possible. To show up first on Pinterest, you need to post “fresh pins”. It’s not about creating new content but offering a range of pins from the same content information.

#5 Follow the trends and the seasonality 

We did not choose to talk about itchy Christmas sweaters to (only) make you feel bad about this hobbit. We think it’s essential to follow the trends and that’s exactly what you’re doing!

Harness the Pinterest algorithm and make the most of it! 

Beating the algorithm isn’t something easy to learn overnight, but these tips should help you go in the right direction. 

To optimize your marketing strategy on Pinterest and beat the algorithm, we highly recommend you to: 

  • Optimize your keywords strategy according to a SEO strategy 
  • Make your content relevant: fresh, on-trend, that corresponds to users source of interest
  • Be active on the platform: post regularly and interact with Pinners.

If you want more advice on how to beat the Pinterest algorithm or discover tricks on other algorithms (like the Instagram algorithm), we’d be glad to help you. 


By Emma Jeanpierre

25 Nov, 2021