5 reasons to use bumper ads to succeed in your video campaigns

21 Apr, 2024

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Have you ever wanted to send a message to someone without being too heavy or boring? You didn't manage to find the right words or phrase them correctly? Sometimes the simplest, the better.

And that's what Bumper Ads are all about: getting a message across quickly, in a video of 6 seconds, while being catchy and impactful. No doubt that you have already seen them, they are often played before the video you want to see on Youtube, the one you can’t skip but, well, you don’t even have the time to. 

So if you want to know how to create something extraordinary in 6 seconds while boosting your brand awareness and improving ad recall, you've come to the right place.

What are Youtube bumper ads? 

The Youtube Bumper ads are the most known format of bumper ads. But what are they? 

Bumper ads are six-second-long videos and they are usually played before, during, or after another video. Bumper ads are used to reach viewers with a short, memorable, and catchy message.



Let's start with a few figures. According to Think With Google: 

Youtube federates billions of people. It is thus a very good communication channel for advertising a brand since it will be able to reach many people.

Why are bumper ads SO important? 

  • These 6 seconds videos (or shorter) are very useful since they can have a huge impact on your online revenue. Ok, but concretely what does it mean? 

  • They allow you to focus on one important thing or message that you want to send through this short video, all in one joke, one feature, one image. You truly have to focus on what is important.

  • It also allowed you to gain leads. According to Google, bumper ads increase visibility and brand awareness by 9% and ads recall by 30%. 

Bumper ads, trueview ads or pre-roll video: what are the differences?

Bumper ads

Bumper ads, as we said previously, is a 6-second video format that you should use on Youtube for example, if you want to send a one-shot impactful message. The Bumper Ads require a lot of creativity because it can be hard to try to send the right message in a short period of time. Do you face some troubles creating an impactful video for your ads campaign? You've come to the right place, our storytelling experts can help you with this issue!

To make it clearer, here is a Bumper ad: 



Pre-roll video

On the other hand, pre-roll videos are non-skippable ads that are displayed before the video begins. Pre-roll videos should not be confused with display ads. They are short (max 30sec) and relevant for pay-per-click campaigns. In other words, users have to click on the ad CTA, if you just watch it, then, it will not cost or spend any money. 

Here is a pre-roll video: 



Trueview ads

TrueView is the most popular ad format on Youtube. In a nutshell, they are skippable in-stream ads that can help you:

  • improve your brand awareness,

  • your reach,

  • your product consideration,

  • and your lead generation strategy.

They are played, before, during, and after other Youtube videos and can be skipped after 5 seconds. Therefore, this format is relevant to increase your brand consideration with an audience that can be more engaged.

Here is an example of what a TrueView ad looks like:


Of course, these are just a glimpse of the different ad formats available on Youtube. If you want to discover other formats and create powerful video ads campaigns, we recommend you to watch this video powered by Google.

Why should you use Youtube bumper ads on your video campaigns?

#1 - Use a cost-effective and impactful solution to maximize reach

Youtube bumper ads are such a cost-effective and impactful solution to maximize reach, it would be an ample missed opportunity to hit your road without bumper ads on your side. 

Bumper Ads have assets such as : 

  • Driving more traffic to your website 

  • Drives efficient brand awareness 

Bumper Ads also use the "target CPM" bidding strategy. Meaning that you pay according to the number of impressions, and so users don’t have a skip button which is very profitable. Customers must therefore watch the ad entirely. Target CPM is a way to bid where you set how much you’re willing to pay every thousand times your ad is shown (this amount is your target CPM). Amazing, don’t you think?  

#2 - Improve UX thanks to a limited disruption

The 6 second and non-skippable format is ideal for UX compared to Youtube’s pre-roll and trueview-in-stream ads because it allows a lasting impact on your target audience. 

The fact that it is a short format, allows users to quickly remember what they have seen, moreover, the bumper format aims to be more and more humorous and creative, with a real message to convey, which will therefore leave a trace in the memory of consumers. 

According to Think with Google, brand awareness, ad recall, and consideration are higher with Youtube users who view ads for longer than 3 seconds.

This is now what Youtube users are looking for when they surf on the platform, a user experience with different video formats.

 #3 - Boost brand awareness

Bumper Ads are a great way to boost brand awareness, they are used to stimulate consumer curiosity. This makes them very effective for announcing the launch of a new product or service and to strengthen your reputation. They often work well when run along with related YouTube ads.

To gain notoriety on Youtube, brands must differentiate themselves from each other. To do so, it is essential to create creative content, it can be a series of bumper ads for example that form a story at the end. But always prefer this short format of 6 seconds or less, which allows to impact the users

 #4 - Improve ad recall

The use of bumper ads during an advertising campaign allows brands to increase their notoriety and establish their positioning. We all know that it is easier for us, consumers, to remember a brand thanks to an impactful visual, a sound, a story, isn’t it? 

For example, at Better & Stronger, we set up an advertising campaign for Aoste and we helped them increase their notoriety through TV, Youtube, and social media thanks to our compelling visuals (videos). The brand-lift recall we analyzed in Summer 2021 confirms Aoste’s success story with 51.7% of the relative brand-lift impact on their Youtube campaigns this summer and good view-through rates.

#5 - Create various retargeting strategies 

According to 1seo, Youtube Bumper Ads allows you to reach your audience but also to retarget users lists thanks to information such as : 

  • Subscriptions to channel

  • Visits of channel page

  • Likes of any videos from a channel

  • Addition of any video from a channel to a playlist

  • Comments on any video from a channel

Youtube Bumper Ads increase your ROI while running PPC videos through Google but also. This format gives you the opportunity to capitalize on your ad spend without doing any effort

Bumper Ads: take the plunge 

Now that you master the art of bumper ads, no excuse to miss this feature on Youtube. Here are some benefits to keep in mind:

  • This 6-second format video can have a huge impact on your customer’s mind

  • Bumper ads can provide genuine benefits for your brand image and your marketing strategy

  • This cost-effective and impactful solution will drive more traffic to your website and improve your overall UX.

So what are you waiting for? Our team is ready to help you with this topic, don’t hesitate to contact us!

By Perrine Gonvin

01 Mar, 2022