Why do you need Twitter and Discord to launch your NFT strategy?

21 Apr, 2024

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This morning, your 15-year-old son told you that he just sold an NFT for  $5 000 (lightweight, some are worth millions). Did he just earn $5,000 by selling an intangible doodle?

If you think this way, maybe you should start listening to your kids more often. NFT has nothing to do with nerds or kids. It’s a growing market worth billions of dollars. There’s a good reason why NFT was elected “the word of 2021”. Launched in 2018, Sorare, the French unicorn specializing in digital collectibles is worth 4 billion euros

As marketers, you shouldn’t go past NFTs, and we are willing to help you launch your NFT strategy thanks to Discord and Twitter. Let’s discover why these social media are essential to make a successful entrance into this world. 

Yes boomer, we said NFT

What are NFTs and how do they work?

If NFTs have been in the market for a while now; many people still don’t know them. They became world-known in social media in 2020. 

Non-fungible token shows ownership of a digital asset such as a piece of art, a GIF, a song, a tweet, a profile picture, an in-game purchase, or character... You can buy or sell these tokens using currencies or cryptocurrencies. 

What makes them unique? You can’t swap them for another NFT or share the ownership of an NFT. The name of the owner will automatically appear on the NFT piece created and will thus, be a great visibility springboard

Why brands must enter the world of NFT?

The world of NFT represents a new business opportunity for marketers. It gives brands a new means of communication but not only. 

NFTs are a great way to reinvent your community experience. By creating a viral effect about your NFT you can attract a new audience to your brand and start creating a community around your creations, but that’s not it. More than a source of diversification for your activity, it can become an insane source of income. 

Take the example of Gucci. It’s the first major luxury fashion house that sold NFTs. They sold their first auction for $25,000 million

Why your business can’t go
past NFT in 2022?

Is it worth it?


Source (left image) / Source (right image)

CryptoPunk 7523 is one of the first avatars, created and sold as an NFT for the modest sum of $11,754,000. As for the right tweet, which is nothing less than the first tweet posted by Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO is estimated to be worth $2.5 million. 

Apart from generating millions, NFT is a great way to launch digital marketing campaigns differently. You want to speak directly to your audience and show them you understand their interests? Don’t go past NFTs.

Seize a profitable market opportunity

The market offers you a golden opportunity, and you don’t want to size it? 

Adidas, for instance, has launched “Adidas for Prada re-source”. Here is why it makes waves. The collaboration between Adidas and the luxury fashion brand Prada is a digital art creation that gives fans the possibility to contribute to a canvas that will then be sold at auction into an NFT. Read more about this project.

So why should you care? The NFT market is rapidly expanding and convincing everyday new customers. Brands better off go into the creation of NFT pieces to promote their brand’s freshness and diversify their source of income.

Here are the main reasons you should include NTFs in your digital marketing strategy:

  • Gain credibility among the target audience by providing innovative content 
  • Create a community for your brand 
  • Collaborate with creators and artists to increase your brand awareness
  • Boost your marketing campaigns by offering fresh and creative content your audience can buy
  • Make money! NFT sales amount to millions per week. On average between $10 million to $20 million of NFT are sold each week. 

Twitter & Discord, indivisible with your launch strategy

How to launch your NFT strategy?

What do we mean by an NFT launch? Well, we’re talking about how to start: 

  • Where to store your collection?
  • How to sell them? 
  • How to create a viral effect about your NFTs?

Let’s say that there is no unique way to realize an effective NFT launch. As a business, you may already create your own image, GIF, tweet, and this is your solution to monetize them. But creation is just the first step.

Like with any product you may create, you will need to market it, and NFT marketing platforms are slightly different from those you use to advertise on. 

Start growing your audience on Twitter

In January 2022, Twitter offered the opportunity to some users to add NFT profile pictures and it kicked up a fuss.


source: https://twitter.com/HollanderAdam/nft 

Here is an example of what it looks like. Creators of brands can create a direct link between their profile picture and the marketplace where they intend to sell their NFT. But, it’s not the only thing Twitter can do for you. 

On social media Twitter, brands are starting to grow communities and bringing out their latest NFTs. If the community shows interest in your project, the value of your NFT quickly skyrockets. 

Wanna know something promising? 40% of Twitter users report purchasing something after they’ve seen it on Twitter. Tell us why would you go past?

On Twitter, conversions are in full swing; which makes the platform an interesting springboard for your NFT sales. 

Why you shouldn’t start an NFT marketing strategy without Twitter

By building a Twitter community, you can monitor market opportunities, your audience’s preferences; and create bonds with future customers.

But Twitter won’t be enough to expand your community.

Set up an NFT Discord Server

Not familiar with Discord? Discord is a chat platform launched in 2015 that's been on the rise since 2020. With over 150 million monthly users, the platform is an excellent way to create groups of interest and connect with leads, customers, but also: experts, and artists. 

See the link with NFTs

NFT Discord Communities are made of people who actively collect, trade, share and engage in conversations about NFT. You can either choose to join a community and share your NFTs or create your niche community and grow your NFT project. 

To win your spurs, we advise you to start by joining an existing community. It will help you: 

  • Make a name for yourself
  • Interact with community members and create lasting relationships
  • Conduct research and monitor your community’s preferences
  • Start testing your NTFs on an experienced community 

Then, you’ll be able to build your own and rapidly promote your business

Use Twitter & Discord to sweep in the world of NTF

In 2022, NTFs will become digital marketing opportunities you shouldn’t miss. Whether your brand already produces digital creations that you’re willing to sell or want to start collecting and collaborating with creators: you can’t ignore the importance of Twitter and Discord at the time of launching an NTF marketing strategy.

Both social media used concurrently will help you make a name for yourself in the NFT world and create a community of not only customers but influencers and creators that can share your NFTs. 

Do you consider joining the NFT world in 2022? If you need to be advised, our storytelling team would be glad to help. 

By Emma Jeanpierre

09 Feb, 2022