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How did Japan Experience massively grow an organic audience on TikTok in less than 3 months?

10 May, 2022

1 min reading

Early 2022, Better&Stronger helped the travel company Japan Experience develop a social media toolkit to create a massive organic community on the rising platform Tiktok. In less than 3 ...

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Is implementing a data tracking plan much needed?

17 January, 2022

4 mins

Have you ever thought about building your dream house without a blueprint? It’s like going to the grocery store without a shopping list. Quite messy, right...

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Did you say data lakes?

03 January, 2022

4 mins

This morning you almost dropped your cup of coffee, learning that your data scientist was not talking about her holidays but massive databases. Yes, sad ne...

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What is a data mart?

10 November, 2021

4 mins

Data is everywhere. Data is everything. From your cell phone to your computer by way of your microwave, every single bit of data is being tracked. How to g...

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How to get better business insights with a data warehouse?

23 September, 2021

4 mins

Why should you care about all that data? Why shouldn’t you let it rot deep in your shelf? Well, because you made 90% of the effort collecting and storing i...

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How can a Tag Management System help you collect your users' data?

31 August, 2021

3 mins

Tags are essential for marketing performance analysis, but their recent multiplication on the web has made them a real chore. If it helps marketers know th...

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What is a Consent Management Platform?

27 August, 2021

2 mins

Disclaimer: we are not a law firm. You can never be too careful regarding the law. The information we provide is marketing-oriented. We do not infringe on ...

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