Think Better

Sep 23.2021

How to get better business insights with a data warehouse?

Why should you care about all that data? Why shouldn’t you let it rot deep in your shelf? Well, because you made 90% of the effort collecting and storing...

Sep 14.2021

Why is BigQuery essential today?

If you read our blog post on data lakes, some questions may have popped up in your mind. To refresh this topic:  a data lake is not your next dream...

Sep 7.2021

Did you say data lakes?

This morning you almost dropped your cup of coffee, learning that your data scientist was not talking about her holidays but massive databases.

Yes, sad...

Aug 31.2021

How can a Tag Management System help you collect your users' data?

Tags are essential for marketing performance analysis, but their recent multiplication on the web has made them a real chore. If it helps marketers know...

Aug 27.2021

What is a Consent Management Platform?

Disclaimer: we are not a law firm. You can never be too careful regarding the law. The information we provide is marketing-oriented. We do not infringe on...