Think Better

Oct 26.2021

3 effective Google tools to monitor your Core Web Vitals

“You should go spear-finding with data. You should not be throwing a net out into the ocean, pulling everything in and hoping your answer is in the net”...

Oct 20.2021

How to pick the right keywords on Google Ads?

“Earn $1000 per day without leaving your couch”, “Buy the latest trendiest best sneakers everyone fights over”. These are clickbait headlines to attract...

Oct 15.2021

Why are Instagram Reels powerful business opportunities?

What are Instagram Reels? Where can you find Reels on Instagram? How long are Instagram Reels? What aspect ratio are they? Why do they have a high...

Oct 12.2021

Pinterest Shopping: the new place to advertise in 2021

“Pinners shop slow, and spend more”. We don’t set the world on fire; Pinterest did. What if we told you that giving your audience some space would drive...

Sep 27.2021

Better & Stronger helps you convert more thanks to CRO

Virginie Dreyfus, our CRO expert, reveals why Better & Stronger CRO offers are essential to improve their clients’ conversion rates.    

Today, we’re here...

Sep 23.2021

How to get better business insights with a data warehouse?

Why should you care about all that data? Why shouldn’t you let it rot deep in your shelf? Well, because you made 90% of the effort collecting and storing...

Sep 14.2021

Why is BigQuery essential today?

If you read our blog post on data lakes, some questions may have popped up in your mind. To refresh this topic:  a data lake is not your next dream...

Sep 10.2021

Branding vs storytelling: what is the difference?

You get branding and storytelling mixed up? Branding is an essential part of your communication strategy, and you most certainly use this term a lot.  Do...

Sep 8.2021

How to open a Google Ads account in 5 steps?

Google Ads. They talk about nothing else... and for good reason!

Google Ads is a robust platform that allows you to directly reach your prospects through...

Sep 3.2021

How to create an efficient copywriting strategy to improve your conversion rates?

Copywriting is often misunderstood. Some people mix it up with copyrighting, others with content marketing, brand content or storytelling, but it is none of...