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How did Japan Experience massively grow an organic audience on TikTok in less than 3 months?

10 May, 2022

1 min reading

Early 2022, Better&Stronger helped the travel company Japan Experience develop a social media toolkit to create a massive organic community on the rising platform Tiktok. In less than 3 ...

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Hotelissima improved their closing rate by 2 points thanks to segmentation and personalized emailing campaigns

22 April, 2022

1 min

Early 2022, Hotelissima wanted to increase their closing rate between their open quotes and bookings to boost the overall revenue. Success wasn’t lacking: ...

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How to dispel the worst marketing teams' fears of data?

19 April, 2022

4 mins

Time to cure your data phobia How to overcome your marketing team’s fears of data? That is the question Sara Ougribe, our Data Scientist at Better&Stro...

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Build enhanced Lifetime Value models to increase your profitability

31 March, 2022

6 mins

Meeting of the minds. Why does the Lifetime Value (LTV) metrics really matter for your advertising strategy? Today, Ronan, Head of Data at Better&Stron...

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5 ways to build customers’ loyalty and create long-lasting relationships thanks to social media

31 March, 2022

4 mins

You’ve always wanted to catch butterflies. If only you weren’t that loud and clumsy, you could have come nearer to them. But look at your approach.  Whenev...

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How segmentation helps you better personalize your UX ?

25 March, 2022

4 mins

You thought your brother’s wedding would be just fine…  But you ended up at the kids’ table (and you’re 35!). How could he do this to you? Did he hate you?...

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What the Hell is LTV and why is it important for your marketing?

24 March, 2022

2 mins

Do you remember that time when your friend asked you a so-called basic riddle? The answer seemed so obvious that you wondered why you were being asked this...

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Google Optimize in GA4: What's new? What are the benefits?

21 March, 2022

5 mins

Imagine you're about to have a drink on a terrace in the middle of Summer, it's hot, and the barman didn't put ice in your lemonade. Well, one can't go wit...

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Twitch: the perfect platform to reach and interact with an involved audience?

18 March, 2022

4 mins

You don’t play GTA, League of Legends, or Fortnite? You don’t own a PS5, a XBOX One, or a Nintendo Switch? You’re more than 12 yo?  But you’ve been growing...

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How to optimize your paid campaigns for seasonality?

15 March, 2022

3 mins

We’re in March and you just found the best idea for your niece’s Birthday present. You will offer her this dolphin swimsuit she can’t stop talking about.  ...

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