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Emma Jeanpierre

Emma Jeanpierre
Emma is the writer of Better's Content factory. Student at EM Lyon Business School, she cultivates her taste for writing blog posts and content marketing. At Better & Stronger, she learns from her teammates to soak the agency’s spirit up and provide you with quality content. Why does she have paint on her elbows? Because she spends most of her free time bringing her ideal landscapes and characters to life.

Recent Posts

Nov 24.2021

How to improve your quality score on Google Ads?

What’s the difference between Hermes and H&M, if not quality? (We promise we don’t have shares in Hermes). The frame of quality reference between both isn’t...

Nov 23.2021

My internship at Better & Stronger as a Web Copywriter - Brand content

Emma comes back on her internship as a Web Copywriter at Better & Stronger.Student at EMLyon Business School, she joined the agency in June 2021 for 6...

Nov 19.2021

How do we help our clients expand their business abroad?

Taking stock in 2021: what lessons did we learn from supporting our clients’ businesses during the pandemic? Lorena Sassman, Head of Performance at Better &...

Nov 10.2021

What is a data mart?

Data is everywhere. Data is everything. From your cell phone to your computer by way of your microwave, every single bit of data is being tracked. How to...

Nov 9.2021

What budget to allocate to your social media strategy?

People spend more than 2 hours on social media a day, and following the “Three-Second Rule”, marketers must catch their audience’s attention within these 3...

Nov 3.2021

Cross-posting: do’s and don’ts

Imagine that on Christmas Eve, you still miss two vital presents: your son’s and your stepmother’s. To save time, you start thinking about buying the two...

Oct 12.2021

Pinterest Shopping: the new place to advertise in 2021

“Pinners shop slow, and spend more”. We don’t set the world on fire; Pinterest did. What if we told you that giving your audience some space would drive...

Sep 27.2021

Better & Stronger helps you convert more thanks to CRO

Virginie Dreyfus, our CRO expert, reveals why Better & Stronger CRO offers are essential to improve their clients’ conversion rates.    

Today, we’re here...

Sep 23.2021

How to get better business insights with a data warehouse?

Why should you care about all that data? Why shouldn’t you let it rot deep in your shelf? Well, because you made 90% of the effort collecting and storing...

Sep 10.2021

Branding vs storytelling: what is the difference?

You get branding and storytelling mixed up? Branding is an essential part of your communication strategy, and you most certainly use this term a lot.  Do...